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The DND Rule

One book I have enjoyed using as a reference is Likeable Social Media by Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Media. In his book, he defines the Do-Not-Delete Rule. He states, “the do-not-delete (DND) rule states that unless a comment is obscene, profane, bigoted, or contains someone’s personal and private information, never delete it from a social network” (77).

When an individual posts a negative comment, your gut reaction may be to delete it right away. You don’t want the public seeing a post like that! However, deleting that post has the potential to hurt you more than help you. Deleting someone’s comment is censorship and breeds distrust associated with your department’s identity. Kerpen explains, “The point is, when you delete someone’s comment, it is the ultimate ‘Screw you.’ It’s like collecting someone’s comment card, reading it in front of them, and then ripping it up in his or her face” (77).

Matthew Lee ‏(@matthewnlee26 Feb 2012
@mike_abasov haha what happened with Me Inc?

Misha Abasov (@misha_abasov26 Feb 2012
@matthewnlee I very kindly said that their promo video could’ve been better. They deleted my comment. I hate when people do this.

James Lambert‏ (@rivermen123) 28 Feb 2012
P5s Training deleted my post that said “This site is great, but I get my tournament poker edge from other sites too.” So ignorant. #tpedge

Think about it this way: negative comments are the perfect opportunity to show how kind, generous, sympathetic, civil, and reasonable you and your department are. Your response to difficult comments and posts shows your true character and makes you authentic. Admitting a mistake, responding kindly to harsh words, and accepting criticism with a thank you can give your department the valuable trust it needs.

Example: @comcastcares to customer @VYPUR
Tommy (@VYPUR) 25 Feb 2012
22 hrs so far my Internet and cable out. WTF on the weekend of all things. @comcastcares @comcast and nobody on the phone knows anything.

Will Osborne (@ComcastCares) 25 Feb 2012
I apologize for the trouble. Please DM me the account phone number and i will look into this for you

Find ways to incorporate kindness in your replies to difficult posts. However, also make sure to check with your own department’s communications guidelines to guide you in creating an appropriate response.

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1 Comment
  1. A good policy. The only thing it doesn’t cover is spam comments. Maybe it goes without saying that these should be deleted. No one likes to see irrelevant comments cluttering up a discussion.