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Why Use Images?

I’ll tell you why.

  1. People process visual information faster.
  2. Some concepts are better explained by an image than by text.
  3. Posts with images usually get more engagement.
  4. Images generally take up more space in the news feed.
  5. Images interrupt long passages of text in a good way.
  6. Pages on your website that don’t have images cannot be pinned on Pinterest.
  7. Should your post be viewed in a context with others’ posts, your post will stand out.
  8. Illustrated text is more memorable.

[slideshare id=21115977&doc=imagesandsocialmedia-why-130513124022-phpapp01]

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  1. Josh Jacobs says:

    Thanks Stephanie. We’ve been trying to build on the lessons of your social media imagery seminar and have seen some positive results already on our Facebook page.

  2. Brandon says:

    And colors from images just plain make people happy. Why do you think children love books with illustrations?! My only complaint about images is having to resize them all if you change your website template.

  3. Hi Stephanie, interesting post indeed. Just stumbled across it on Google while looking into some posts on images on blogs. I agree totally, and try to include images on all my blog posts. I think the readers engage more, take more interest and actually find it easier to read. I have learnt a lot blogging over the last months, especially how to write for the web, which is totally different. And then there is social media, a different thing again. I like your use of Slide Share too. I learnt about that from Ana Hoffman at TrafficGenerationCafe – take a look if you don’t know her. Great ideas.
    Keep posting great stuff

  4. Yes, “Illustrated text is more memorable” totally agree…..and that explains why meme’s are so popular.!! Not really agree with the Pinterestabilty of images, if the images are not of real high quality.

  5. Chris Flees says:

    There is an old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”. If a description of something is complicated or intricate a picture will not only shorten the text you must write to explain your subject but you also reap the benefits that you have illustrated in your article particularly “1. People process visual information faster.” and “2. Some concepts are better explained by an image than by text.”. In your short entry you nailed every supporting reason for use of images with writing…Great Job.

  6. Ajay Walia says:

    Yes that is true “Some concepts are better explained by an image than by text.”
    Image is 1000words

    Ajay Walia